High Level Connections

You want to be connected to the decision makers, the principals, and the community leaders who can ensure your project is a success. We are already at the table with the people who can make that happen.

A Unique Approach

For decades we have lived the culture of Indonesia, and intimately understand the needs of the Indonesian community. The LSI Group is a trusted local partner. "To do business in Indonesia, you must be part of the family."

Investment Opportunities

We have access to many high value, high impact joint venture projects in all industry sectors. Whether you are outsourcing, entering the Indonesian market, or looking for new aqusitions we can get you to the right partners

Recent Posts

Advances in Renewable Biomass Energy


It may not be a glamorous topic, but creating energy from animal dung can be a sustainable source of energy for many around the world. There are issues to be addressed, but new, smarter approaches can mitigate many of the drawbacks.