Education and Skills Training

Indonesia understands the importance of supporting new programs in education and skills training. Substantial evidence shows that such investments positively impact crime rates, quality of health, mortality rate, innovation, and political participation. Knowing this, Indonesia’s has invested in several initiatives to improve its technology infrastructure. Having a reliable internet connection creates an exciting environment for distance learning programsto flourish.

The LSI Group understands that quality education is at the core of any flourishing country. Advances in the world wide web, mobile devices, and innovative curriculums have made it even easier to experience a quality education. The LSI Group actively searches for new educational breakthroughs and industry leaders to participate on our projects.

International Business Lecture

President and CEO of the LSI Group, Leonardo Stoute, was invited to speak to a class of executive MBA students at the Indonesian Development Management Institute (IPMI) on the topic of Intercultural Communication, Corporate Responsibility, Investment and Development Perspectives, Sustainable Energy and its growing importance in today’s world.  This is the first part of a 12 part series. The remaining parts are available only on request.

Service Areas

The LSI Group has decades of experience in both consulting and teaching in educational institutions.  Our team has experience in the following areas of the education industry: curriculum development, university infrastructure development, online education, international student collaboration, grant funding, executive management training, operations consulting, and guest lecturing.