A Visit with the Yale Chapter of Engineers Without Borders


Tuesday evening at the Mann Student Center at the Yale School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, the Yale Chapter of Engineers Without Borders held their weekly meeting, and they took this opportunity to invite Mr. Leonardo Stoute, President and CEO or the LSI Group, as a special guest speaker.

Over the past 7 years, EWB-Yale has maintained a strong presence in Kikoo and nearby Roh, Cameroon, where they have built water storage tanks and a standpipe distribution system to enable thousands of people to have access to clean water on a daily basis.  In close collaboration with the local communities, members of EWB-Yale have not only established and operated of the system, but also educated the people in the community as to proper maintenance and the importance of sanitation and its impact on health.


Weekly meetings often include regular updates from project leads within EWB, whose members are sub-divided into teams dealing with design, finance, and education and outreach.  This week, regular business was followed by a brief introduction to the challenges and possibilities for sustainable engineering and energy technologies in Indonesia.  A selected group of EWB members continued the conversation with Leonardo Stoute, President & CEO of the LSI Group, afterward over dinner at the nearby Timothy Dwight College dining hall.


The dinner setting was intimate, and the students had quality one-on-one time with Mr. Stoute. They asked about how his interest in Indonesia developed and inquired as to the mission and goals of the LSI Group. Mr. Stoute explained that his consulting work stemmed from a deep appreciation and gratitude toward the generous people of Indonesia, and how the arts and culture of that county first attracted him to it. He explained that the group’s mission is to assist people, through humanitarian, non-profit, and even business projects to improve their environment, health, education and commerce. At the end, the students thanked Mr. Stoute extensively for his time, and agreed to stay in touch to develop further connections.

Foreign Investors Buying Major US Properties

For much of the world, the United States is now on sale at discount prices. With financial institutions tightening their credit, a growing unemployment rate, and worries about a recession savvy foreign investors are taking advantage of the situation.  The weak dollar has made the American real estate market look attractive to foreign bargain hunters and now U.S. land, hotels, shopping centers, apartments, warehouses and office buildings are being seen as good investments.

Within the United States the Northwest Ohio region is steadily becoming another hot spot for foreign and domestic investors. Northwest Ohio also offers a favorable mix of affordability, convenience and small city living. Housing prices and cost-of-living routinely rank below the national average, and the commute times in the metropolitan areas averages under 19 minutes. The diversity of the region is another reason hundreds of thousands of people live in the area.

The city of Toledo, Ohio area is now on sale, and foreign investors are clamoring to get a slice of the action. The Greater Toledo area is home to nearly 500,000 people and is the perfect location for moving products into and out of the American Midwest and Canada. In fact, 43% of US and 47% of Canadian markets are within a 500 mile radius of Toledo. In addition to its great location the city also has a vibrant arts and cultural scene, world class universities, and cutting edge businesses which make the area a great place to invest.

Port of Toledo

Arial photo of the Toledo Port

Map of Toledo

Map of Toledo within the United States

Toledo is the fourth most populous city in the U.S. state of Ohio and sits on the western end of Lake Erie. It borders the State of Michigan and sits directly across the lake from Canada. It is well known for its industry, particularly in glass and auto assembly (Jeep headquarters), as well as for its art community, education, and local sports teams. The metro area is home to many large companies three of which are Fortune 500 companies: Dana Corporation, Owens Corning and Owens Illinois.

Toledo is an important industrial, commercial, and transportation center for the north central United States. The Port of Toledo is the largest seaport by area on the Great Lakes, and it is well-placed as an inland distribution center linked to North American markets by rail, road, water, air, and pipeline. The Port of Toledo handles huge volumes of bituminous coal, and its free trade zone handles large amounts of wind turbines, grain, metals, oil, machinery, tools, metal ores, vehicles, and industrial equipment. The international seaport is trading partner to Mexico, Canada, Europe, Russia, and Asia.

The LSI Group specializes in helping you to invest in foreign markets. If you are interested in exploring the opportunities that exist in Toledo or throughout South East Asia we can assist. Send us an email to request more information.